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Sport in our life
People all over the world are fond of sports and games.  Sport makes peoplehealthykeeps them fitmore organized and better disciplined.  It unitespeople of different classes and nationalities.  Many people do sports on theirpersonal initiative.  They go in for skiingskatingtable tennisswimming,volley-ballfootballbody-buildingetc.  
All necessary facilities are provided for themstadiumssport grounds,swimming poolsskating rinksskiing stationsfootball fields.  Sport is paidmuch attention to in our educational establishments  Gymnastics is a part ofchildren's daily activities in the kindergartens.  Physical culture is compulsorysubject at schools and colleges.  Professional sport is also paid much attentionto in our country.  In citywhere I livethere are diferent sporting societies,clubs and complexes.  

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our countrybut football,gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity.  As for meI go in fortable tennis (ping-pong).  It needs mobilityliveliness and much energy.  Itkeeps a person in a good form.  I have been playing tennis for five yearsbutthe more I playthe more I like it.  I get a real joy taking part in competitions orsimply playing with my friends.  SometimesI go to tennis courts.  Certainly,there's a great distance between my manner of playing and such favouritesas Jim CourierStephan EdbergPete SamprasBoris BeckerPer Kordabut Ido my trai¬ning with great pleasure and hope to play as well as our bestplayers do.  

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 Тема Молодь України.
Перекладіть словосполучення на англійську мову.
мати труднощі
сучасне суспільство
заробляти гроші
неіснуюче правило
уперта дитина
агресивна молодь
невихована людина
виснажений чоловік
уряд України
самовпевнений учень
нетерпляча дитина
бути залежним 

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Тема Молодїжний рух у світі Запишіть слова у зошити та перекладіть.
 an anxiety, an envy, a handicap, an intelligence, an illiteracy,a range, a response, to stunt, contented, vulnerable, to carry away, to gain control, an abuse, bullying, a disease, a disorder, a suicide, to embarrass, to expose, to frustrate, to neglect, outrageous, sexua

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Sports in Great Britain

The English are great lovers of sport; and they are neither playingnor waching games, they like to talk about them. However, there isimportant thing about sport in Britain which we must know. Today, the big-timesport is professional and famous players can make much money.
   Lat's take football for example. It is the most popular team game inBritain. It is played in most of the schools, and there are thousands ofamateur teams for young men in all parts of the country. But for most ofthe public football is a professional game which is watched on Saturday afternoons at the stadium.
   Professional football is a big business. Every large town has one or more professional clubs. Many players have not any personal connection with the town for whose team they play.
  Rugby football is played with an oval ball which may be carried. The players of the other team try to stop the man running with the ball bythrowing him to the ground. There are fifteen players in each team.
   Some people say that`s not a game, it`s a battle because when you pick up the ball and run with it, the other side tries to make you fall.
    People in many countries consider cricket the most English of games. But even in England it is not nearly as popular as football. In fact it has become less popular then before.
    Football and cricket are the games most usually played in boys` schools. Girls also play cricket, though with them hockey and net-ball (which is like basketball) are more popular.
   Tennis is the game which both men and women like to play after leaving school. The game of tennis is played by great numbers of people.

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Тема:"Погляд на молодь"

Дайте відповідь на запитання в зошитах:

1. Are you a teenager?
2. Do young people have problems?
3. What are they?
4. What problems do you have?
5. Do you want to enter the institute?
6. What profession do want to have?
7. Do you have any hardship in your education?
8. Are there drug addicts in our country?
9. Is this a great problem of young people?
10. Does the government of Ukraine pay much attention to the problems of young people?

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Extreme Sports
Some young people prefer extreme sports today.For example, parkour, base jumping,bodyboarding,kite-surfing, freestyle, motorsport, rock-climbing.Base jumping is very extreme activity. A person can jump from fixed objects. The acronym B.A.S.E. stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth-4 categories of objects from which Base jumpers can jump. BASe jumping is more dangerous than skydiving from a plane.
 Parkour includes running, jumping, climbing. Parkour is not a sport, as there are no rules, no teams, no points.To parkour is to be able to control your body.

base jumping

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Тема. Моє місце у світі.Я-особистість.
Прочитайте та перекладіть вправу 8 на стор.92
Підручник О.Карп'юк Англійська мова 11 клас

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Тема. Спорт і дозвілля.
Запишіть та перекладіть дані слова:
a cricket
an injury
a sport event
to kick
to be in the open
to stay fit
a load of rubbish
Прочитайте текст на стор.134-135 та виконайте тест вправа  4 на стор.136 
Переглянути презентацію на тему "Sports in Ukraine"

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Тема Театр.Кіно.
Прочитайте текст на стор.180-181 та виконайте вправу 3 на стор.181
Підручник О.Карп'юк Англійська мова 11 клас

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Тема  Погляд на молодь. Життя молоді в Україні.
Запишіть слова в зошит та перекладіть їх:
 an addict
a citizen
a participant
a pregnancy
to benefit
to handle
to get dumped
to get training on
to raise money for