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Завдання для групи 25ОК

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense to make the 2nd Conditional sentences.

1. He  _______ (open) the door if he _______ (have) the key.
2. If we ______ (have) a car, we _______ (go) for a drive.
3. If I ______ (be) rich, I ____________ (never/work) again.
4. If cameras _______ (not/coat) so much, we _________ (buy) one.
5. John ________ (post) the letters if he __________ (have) some stamps.

Завдання для групи 25 ОК
Тема:Національна кухня.  
                             З 'єднайте слова з їх поясненням

1.cuisine        a. to give someone food by putting it in front of them,especially                                at a restaurant or a formal meal

2.specialty     b. a particular style of preparing food, which is typical of a co-
                           untry or area.

3.delicacy      c. an amount of food that someone takes or is given at one time.

4.serve           d. the amount of food that is cooked or prepared for each person -
                           used especially in recipes or on food packaging
5.portion        e. a rare and expensive kind of food which people think is very                                   good to eat, especially the people of a particular country or 

6.serving        f. an amount of food that is enough for aech person, especially
                          one served in a restaurant, bar, etc.

7.helping        g. a type of food that is always very good in a particular restaurant,
                           country or area
Переглянути відео "Вживання структури " to be going to + Infinitivе" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc5CV5VzMqk та складіть 5  власних речень.