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Завдання для групи 5опр

Тема It`s our Planet. Ecological Problems.

 Дайте відповіді на запитання письмово:
    1. What is ecology?
    2. Is our environment in danger?
    3.Have you ever seen any results of pollution in your environment?
    4.Are you worried about the future?
    5.What are the biggest polluters today?
    6.Do you support environmental groups?
Завдання для групи 35кп

Тема Why go to School?
Запишіть слова у зошит та знайдіть переклад:
     a curriculum-
     an opportunity-
     to acquire-
     to provide-
     to realise-
     It is obviously-

Вивчіть дану лексику усно.

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Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting
          Read the text and be ready to retell it:
  Kateryna Bilokur- tragedy and success

A century has passed since the birth of a great Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur.She was born in a peasant family in 1900 in the village near Yahotyn.She didn`t have any education and had to study by herself.She mastered literacy, read a lot.
    The great word `artist` seemed to her so magic and beautiful.She said to herself that sooner or later she would become an artist. Kateryna kept repeating that life without art wasn`t possible for her.
     She had been gifted in painting since her childhood. Kateryna began painting portraits of her relatives and villagers. But most of all she liked flowers. She called flowers `` the eyes of the Earth, the soul of the Earth``. The people were charmed by her pictures `Peonies`, `Flowers and Walnuts`, `Still life with bread`,`Breakfast`.
    But a well-known painter Kateryna Bilokur had lived all her life in poverty.She didn`t have any family or children. Great fame came to her later, after her death. Her works are exhibited in museums in Ukraine and abroad.

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Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting.
         Grammar Point -Present Perfect and Past Perfect Tenses

Choose the correct tense form:
1.They... just (arrive) to Kyiv.
2. Pupils (not/finish) doing their homework yet.
3. They ... (have) dinner before Lilly arrived.
4. Ms. Williams ... (arrive) at the office by the time John got there.
5. Rain ... just (stop). The sun is shining now.
6.The workers ... (build) the hospital by the beginning of summer.
7. The dog ... (bite) the girl recently.

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Завдання для групи 24 ок

Тема It`s our Planet!
Перекладіть дані словосполучення на українську мову та запишіть їх у зошит:
destruction of forests-
agricultural mismanagement-
highly developed and blooming economy-
heat waves, intense rainstorms and floods-
development of new technologies-
consumer society-
growing demand of energy-
land erosion-
growing demand for comfort, electric devices, machines,etc.-
water shortages-
world population growth-

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Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting. Ukrainian Painters.
Read the text about Illia Repin and retell it:

I. Repin was born on the 5th of August in Kharkiv gubernia.
Repin is an outstanding painter, a member of the ST. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He started his career under I. Kramskoi at the Drawing School.
    He studied at the Academy of Arts which granted him a scholarship to study in Italy and France.
     Such Ukrainian painters as M.Pymonenko, O.Murashko, S.Prokhorov were his pupils.Some Repin`s works show his attachment to Ukraine, its people and its history. Among his famous paintings are '' The  Zaporizhian Cossacs Write  a Letter to the Turkish Sultan'', ''Haidamaky,'' ''Hopak,'' ''Cossack in the Steppe''.
    Repin also painted many portraits of Ukrainian cultural figures. He sketched many Ukrainian landscapes and inhabitants.

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Завдання для групи 24ок

Тема It is our Planet
          Passive Voice
Виберіть речення з Passive Voice та запишіть їх в зошит:

1.Our planet is polluted by cars, plants and factories.
2. The National Park is protected by the law.
3.Many people throw wastes in the streets.
4. An international conference concerning the problems of ecology took place in Paris.
5.The gradual warming of the Earth is caused by pollution that stops heat from leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
6.There are threats to wildlife on our Planet.
7.Melting of the ice at the North and South Poles is caused by global warming.
8.The local authorities have opened a nature reserve to prevent people from hunting endangered species.

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Завдання для груп 74т та 75т
Тема Family Relationship

Запишіть нові слова в зошит та вивчіть їх усно:

an approach-
an intention-
a judgement-
a negotiation-
to annoy-
to assume-
to bring up-