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Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting. Ukrainian Painters.
Read the text about Illia Repin and retell it:

I. Repin was born on the 5th of August in Kharkiv gubernia.
Repin is an outstanding painter, a member of the ST. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He started his career under I. Kramskoi at the Drawing School.
    He studied at the Academy of Arts which granted him a scholarship to study in Italy and France.
     Such Ukrainian painters as M.Pymonenko, O.Murashko, S.Prokhorov were his pupils.Some Repin`s works show his attachment to Ukraine, its people and its history. Among his famous paintings are '' The  Zaporizhian Cossacs Write  a Letter to the Turkish Sultan'', ''Haidamaky,'' ''Hopak,'' ''Cossack in the Steppe''.
    Repin also painted many portraits of Ukrainian cultural figures. He sketched many Ukrainian landscapes and inhabitants.

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