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Grammar point - Circle the correct item
1. If the weather were/would be fine, we played/would played a game of tennis.
2. I were/would be very glad if Mary visited/would visit me.
3.If Jim bought/would buy the tickets, we saw/would see the football match.
4.If my mother weren`t/wouldn`t be so busy, she helped/would help me with my essay.
5. I could read the letter if Any didn`t/wouldn`t break my glasses.
6. Helen translated/would translate this article in time if she had/would have a good dictionary. 

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Завдання для групи 36е
Прочитайте та зрозумійте текст Ex.2 p.21

Завдання для груп 74т та75т
 Прочитайте та зрозумійте текст Ex.8 p.169 
Завдання для групи 78т

ТЕМА American Schools

Complete the article with the correct words from the list below.
Ex.2 p.45
Завдання для групи 25ок ТЕМА  IS our EARTH in DANGER?

Complete the text with the words in the box.
Ex.3 p.97(письмово)

Read and understand the text Ex.4 p.217

Випишіть в зошит основні проблеми молоді з тексту.

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Modal Verbs
Fill in the gaps:
1.Our baby is only 9 months and he____ already stand up.
2.When I was younger I____ speak Italian better than I ___ now.
3.Our teacher says we______ to speak English fluently in a few months.
4.Bill is so unfit he ____ run at all.
5.He was so strong.He____ ski all day and dance all night.
6.You ought to buy it now; prices ____go up.
7.____ I come in? Please, do.
8.You really ____ work harder if you want to pass that exam.
9.You _____ drive fast, there is a speed limit here.
10.You are pale. You _____ go to the doctor.