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Завдання для групи 7опр

Тема Характер сучасних підлітків

Match the words or phrases with their definitions.
1 to succeed________________a) to disagree with someone in words
2 to loose touch_____________b) something that you hope to achieve in the future

3 a goal___________________c) to have friendly relationship with each other

4 to argue_________________d) to have the same interests
5 to stay friends____________e) to have a good result, to do what you have tried

6 to get on well_____________  f) to speak or write to someone when you can no longer see them as often as you used to

7 to keep in touch____________g) to continue being friends

8 to have a lot in common______h) to no longer speak or write to someone because they do not live near you, work with you,etc.

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Завдання для групи 78т

Вивчіть слова та їх переклад:
a goal-ціль, мета
to argue-сперечатись
to succeed-мати успіх
to get on well-добре ладити
to  have a lot in common-мати багато спільного
to get/keep in touch-підтримувати зв`язок
to loose touch-втратити зв'зок
to stay friends-залишатись друзями

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Завдання для групи 24ок
Тема Tenses of the Verb
Choose the correct answer (a), (b), (c).
1. They have known each other for ages.
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Present Perfect
2. The weather is nice and they enjoy their holidays.
a) Present Perfect b) Present Simple c) Present Continuous
3. We are reading an interesting text now.
a) Present Continuous b) Present Perfect c) Present Simple
4. The performance had already begun when we got to the theater.
a) Present Perfect b) Past Perfect c) Past Simple
5. He must not go for a walk .
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Future Simple
6. My son always leave his clothes all over the room.
a) Past Simple b) Present Simple c) Past Perfect

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Учням груп 78т, 35КП, 7ОПР, 26ОК!

Завдання для групи 7опр
Complete the sentences with correct form of used to and the verb in brackets.
1. We ----- ( not/ like) each other, but now we are good friends.
2 My sister ______ (not / play) the piano, but now she does.
3 They _____ (spend) their holidays in the countryside. They do not do it any more.
4 I ______ (not/watch) the news, but now I watch it every day.
5 My sister _____ (drink) a lot of coffee, but now she prefers to drink tea.
Make up questions using used to .
1 cry a lot? Did you use to cry a lot when you were five?
2 drink milk?__________________________________ ?
3 listen to fairy tales? ___________________________?
4 play with your friends? ________________________?
5 watch many cartoons? _________________________?

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Завдання для групи 5 ОПР

Тема : " Being a Student. English in Our Life"
Повторіть правила вживання часів дієслів: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect , Present Perfect Continuous та виконайте вправу Ex 1 p 9 (письмово)
 Підготуйтесь до диктанту лексики в робочих зошитах.

Завдання для группи 24ОК

Прочитайте текст Ex 5 p 6-8 і виконайте тест до нього.
Підготуйте диктант згідно слів в робочих зошитах