понеділок, 10 вересня 2018 р.

Учням груп 78т, 35КП, 7ОПР, 26ОК!

Завдання для групи 7опр
Complete the sentences with correct form of used to and the verb in brackets.
1. We ----- ( not/ like) each other, but now we are good friends.
2 My sister ______ (not / play) the piano, but now she does.
3 They _____ (spend) their holidays in the countryside. They do not do it any more.
4 I ______ (not/watch) the news, but now I watch it every day.
5 My sister _____ (drink) a lot of coffee, but now she prefers to drink tea.
Make up questions using used to .
1 cry a lot? Did you use to cry a lot when you were five?
2 drink milk?__________________________________ ?
3 listen to fairy tales? ___________________________?
4 play with your friends? ________________________?
5 watch many cartoons? _________________________?

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