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Завдання для групи 7опр

Тема Характер сучасних підлітків

Match the words or phrases with their definitions.
1 to succeed________________a) to disagree with someone in words
2 to loose touch_____________b) something that you hope to achieve in the future

3 a goal___________________c) to have friendly relationship with each other

4 to argue_________________d) to have the same interests
5 to stay friends____________e) to have a good result, to do what you have tried

6 to get on well_____________  f) to speak or write to someone when you can no longer see them as often as you used to

7 to keep in touch____________g) to continue being friends

8 to have a lot in common______h) to no longer speak or write to someone because they do not live near you, work with you,etc.

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