четвер, 20 вересня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ок
Тема Tenses of the Verb
Choose the correct answer (a), (b), (c).
1. They have known each other for ages.
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Present Perfect
2. The weather is nice and they enjoy their holidays.
a) Present Perfect b) Present Simple c) Present Continuous
3. We are reading an interesting text now.
a) Present Continuous b) Present Perfect c) Present Simple
4. The performance had already begun when we got to the theater.
a) Present Perfect b) Past Perfect c) Past Simple
5. He must not go for a walk .
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Future Simple
6. My son always leave his clothes all over the room.
a) Past Simple b) Present Simple c) Past Perfect

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