пʼятницю, 14 грудня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 5те

 Вивчіть текст у зошиті за темою NATIONAL CUISINE.

Завдання для групи 25ок

Запишіть дані слова у зошит та вивчіть їх усно:

   a disaster-
   a frequency-
   a hazard-
   a threat-
   to damage-
   to occur-
   to respond-
   to underflood-
   Прочитайте та перекладіть текст на сторінці 92-93 Is the Earth in Danger?
Завдання для групи 74т


     Запишіть дані слова у зошит та вивчіть їх усно

       an interference-
       to complain-
       to convince-
       to dig-
       to persuade-
       to remind-
Складіть речення з даними словами.

 Завдання для групи 7опр
Підготуватись до контрольної роботи з теми CHOOSING A PROFESSION,
включаючи лексику та написання твору за даною темою.

  Крім того опрацюйте дану лексику за темою Why go to school?
        a curriculum-
        an opportunity-
        to acquire-
         to provide-
         to realise-
   It is obviously.
Дані слова запишіть у зошит та вивчіть усно.
Завдання для групи 24ок


Put the verbs in the brackets using Participle 1 or Participle2

1.Look at the picture ...(paint) by a young artist.
2.The woman...(stand) on the bridge is my aunt.
3. I saw the children... (play) in the yard.
4. We watched the man ...(run) along the street.
5.The pupils ...(come) late is our sportsman.

 Повторіть правила вживання дієприкметника в англійській мові.

середу, 21 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 5опр

Тема It`s our Planet. Ecological Problems.

 Дайте відповіді на запитання письмово:
    1. What is ecology?
    2. Is our environment in danger?
    3.Have you ever seen any results of pollution in your environment?
    4.Are you worried about the future?
    5.What are the biggest polluters today?
    6.Do you support environmental groups?
Завдання для групи 35кп

Тема Why go to School?
Запишіть слова у зошит та знайдіть переклад:
     a curriculum-
     an opportunity-
     to acquire-
     to provide-
     to realise-
     It is obviously-

Вивчіть дану лексику усно.

суботу, 17 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting
          Read the text and be ready to retell it:
  Kateryna Bilokur- tragedy and success

A century has passed since the birth of a great Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur.She was born in a peasant family in 1900 in the village near Yahotyn.She didn`t have any education and had to study by herself.She mastered literacy, read a lot.
    The great word `artist` seemed to her so magic and beautiful.She said to herself that sooner or later she would become an artist. Kateryna kept repeating that life without art wasn`t possible for her.
     She had been gifted in painting since her childhood. Kateryna began painting portraits of her relatives and villagers. But most of all she liked flowers. She called flowers `` the eyes of the Earth, the soul of the Earth``. The people were charmed by her pictures `Peonies`, `Flowers and Walnuts`, `Still life with bread`,`Breakfast`.
    But a well-known painter Kateryna Bilokur had lived all her life in poverty.She didn`t have any family or children. Great fame came to her later, after her death. Her works are exhibited in museums in Ukraine and abroad.

понеділок, 12 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting.
         Grammar Point -Present Perfect and Past Perfect Tenses

Choose the correct tense form:
1.They... just (arrive) to Kyiv.
2. Pupils (not/finish) doing their homework yet.
3. They ... (have) dinner before Lilly arrived.
4. Ms. Williams ... (arrive) at the office by the time John got there.
5. Rain ... just (stop). The sun is shining now.
6.The workers ... (build) the hospital by the beginning of summer.
7. The dog ... (bite) the girl recently.

середу, 7 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24 ок

Тема It`s our Planet!
Перекладіть дані словосполучення на українську мову та запишіть їх у зошит:
destruction of forests-
agricultural mismanagement-
highly developed and blooming economy-
heat waves, intense rainstorms and floods-
development of new technologies-
consumer society-
growing demand of energy-
land erosion-
growing demand for comfort, electric devices, machines,etc.-
water shortages-
world population growth-

вівторок, 6 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting. Ukrainian Painters.
Read the text about Illia Repin and retell it:

I. Repin was born on the 5th of August in Kharkiv gubernia.
Repin is an outstanding painter, a member of the ST. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He started his career under I. Kramskoi at the Drawing School.
    He studied at the Academy of Arts which granted him a scholarship to study in Italy and France.
     Such Ukrainian painters as M.Pymonenko, O.Murashko, S.Prokhorov were his pupils.Some Repin`s works show his attachment to Ukraine, its people and its history. Among his famous paintings are '' The  Zaporizhian Cossacs Write  a Letter to the Turkish Sultan'', ''Haidamaky,'' ''Hopak,'' ''Cossack in the Steppe''.
    Repin also painted many portraits of Ukrainian cultural figures. He sketched many Ukrainian landscapes and inhabitants.

понеділок, 5 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ок

Тема It is our Planet
          Passive Voice
Виберіть речення з Passive Voice та запишіть їх в зошит:

1.Our planet is polluted by cars, plants and factories.
2. The National Park is protected by the law.
3.Many people throw wastes in the streets.
4. An international conference concerning the problems of ecology took place in Paris.
5.The gradual warming of the Earth is caused by pollution that stops heat from leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
6.There are threats to wildlife on our Planet.
7.Melting of the ice at the North and South Poles is caused by global warming.
8.The local authorities have opened a nature reserve to prevent people from hunting endangered species.

суботу, 3 листопада 2018 р.

Завдання для груп 74т та 75т
Тема Family Relationship

Запишіть нові слова в зошит та вивчіть їх усно:

an approach-
an intention-
a judgement-
a negotiation-
to annoy-
to assume-
to bring up-

четвер, 25 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 7опр
Тема Choose the Career

Запишіть дані слова та вивчіть іх усно:

an occupation-заняття, фах
to fill in-заповнювати
an official-службовець
an official form-офіційний бланк
a skilled worker-кваліфікований робітник
a semi-skilled worker-напівкваліфікований робітник
an unskilled worker-некваліфікований робітник
mental skills-розумові (інтелектуальні) вміння 

понеділок, 22 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 74т та 75т         

Тема Family Relationship

Learn new words by heart:
an adolescent
to assault
to blame
to escape
to interfere
to obey
to prevent
to reject
to remain
to resent
to be grounded
to be jailed
to run out of
in order to

середу, 17 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ок

Тема Make up your Mind

Answer the following questions in your copy-books:

1. What is a gap year?
2. Why do some students in the UK take a gap year?
3. What do employers like when they take young people for the job?
4. Do students do voluntary work in their gap year?
5. Do students use their gap year to pay for their university education?
6. Can students have negative gap year experiences?
7.Can Ukrainian students take a gap year?
8. What does Ukrainian legislation give for vocational training?
9. What can you say about the crisis in economy of Ukraine?
10. Can you start your own business in Ukraine? What do you need for this?

вівторок, 9 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 7опр

Підготуйте переказ даного тексту

Ukrainian mentality was formed influenced by many factors They are geographical location at the crossroads of the West and East, specific climatic conditions and tragic historical destiny.
The Ukrainians have been known as hardworking, thrifty, skilled farmers, good family men and devoted wives. They are typically kind-hearted, friendly, hospitable and well wishing to both fellow countrymen and foreigners. They are cautious to romanticism and sentimentality. But come the time of  ordeal,and they are determined, resourceful,brave, staunch, ready for self-sacrifice.
The Ukrainians have always valued restraint, consideration and a realistic view of life.They have a very special sense of humor. They can be bitingly-ironical.Their rich imagination reflects the surrounding realities in a colourful, at times paradoxical way.

понеділок, 8 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 5опр  Тема Conditionals 1,2

Complete the sentences by changing the verb in brackets into the First or Second form:

1. If you loved her, you ...... (support) her.
2. If  I ..... (speak) English, I would move to England.
3. Show me your notebook, if you ...... (finish) your work.
4. If Andy gets a scholarship, he ..... (help) his parents.
5. We ..... (get) there quicker if we take the motorway.
6.If we met at six o`clock, we ..... (have) time to buy tickets.

неділю, 7 жовтня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 7опр
Тема Tenses of the Verb

What tenses are used in the following sentences?
1. My mood change very often suddenly for no reason.
2. He used to be a teacher, but now he works for Greenpeace.
3. They have lost touch, but one of them is trying to find his friend.
4. We had a lot in common in childhood.
5. I feel that I am more talkative with peers than with adults.
6. We have been getting in touch for three years.

четвер, 4 жовтня 2018 р.

   Завдання для групи 24ок                                                                                     
Тема Perfect Continuous Tenses

Fill in the gaps with the correct Perfect Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets:
1. Before the boy came home, he ________ at the library for some hours. (to work)
2. I ________  for them for two hours. (to wait)
3. In half an hour, I_________ a car for five hours.Let`s stop for a break. (to drive)
4. She _________ TV for the whole day. It`s boring.(to watch)
5. They were tired. They ________for three hours. (to work)
6. In two days, they _______ English for four months. (to practise)

неділю, 30 вересня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 7опр

Тема Характер сучасних підлітків

Match the words or phrases with their definitions.
1 to succeed________________a) to disagree with someone in words
2 to loose touch_____________b) something that you hope to achieve in the future

3 a goal___________________c) to have friendly relationship with each other

4 to argue_________________d) to have the same interests
5 to stay friends____________e) to have a good result, to do what you have tried

6 to get on well_____________  f) to speak or write to someone when you can no longer see them as often as you used to

7 to keep in touch____________g) to continue being friends

8 to have a lot in common______h) to no longer speak or write to someone because they do not live near you, work with you,etc.

понеділок, 24 вересня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 78т

Вивчіть слова та їх переклад:
a goal-ціль, мета
to argue-сперечатись
to succeed-мати успіх
to get on well-добре ладити
to  have a lot in common-мати багато спільного
to get/keep in touch-підтримувати зв`язок
to loose touch-втратити зв'зок
to stay friends-залишатись друзями

четвер, 20 вересня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ок
Тема Tenses of the Verb
Choose the correct answer (a), (b), (c).
1. They have known each other for ages.
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Present Perfect
2. The weather is nice and they enjoy their holidays.
a) Present Perfect b) Present Simple c) Present Continuous
3. We are reading an interesting text now.
a) Present Continuous b) Present Perfect c) Present Simple
4. The performance had already begun when we got to the theater.
a) Present Perfect b) Past Perfect c) Past Simple
5. He must not go for a walk .
a) Present Simple b) Past Simple c) Future Simple
6. My son always leave his clothes all over the room.
a) Past Simple b) Present Simple c) Past Perfect

понеділок, 10 вересня 2018 р.

Учням груп 78т, 35КП, 7ОПР, 26ОК!

Завдання для групи 7опр
Complete the sentences with correct form of used to and the verb in brackets.
1. We ----- ( not/ like) each other, but now we are good friends.
2 My sister ______ (not / play) the piano, but now she does.
3 They _____ (spend) their holidays in the countryside. They do not do it any more.
4 I ______ (not/watch) the news, but now I watch it every day.
5 My sister _____ (drink) a lot of coffee, but now she prefers to drink tea.
Make up questions using used to .
1 cry a lot? Did you use to cry a lot when you were five?
2 drink milk?__________________________________ ?
3 listen to fairy tales? ___________________________?
4 play with your friends? ________________________?
5 watch many cartoons? _________________________?

середу, 5 вересня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 5 ОПР

Тема : " Being a Student. English in Our Life"
Повторіть правила вживання часів дієслів: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect , Present Perfect Continuous та виконайте вправу Ex 1 p 9 (письмово)
 Підготуйтесь до диктанту лексики в робочих зошитах.

Завдання для группи 24ОК

Прочитайте текст Ex 5 p 6-8 і виконайте тест до нього.
Підготуйте диктант згідно слів в робочих зошитах

суботу, 23 червня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 36е

Тема Люди і суспільство.
Прочитайте текст на сторінці 260 вправа 7 та вивчіть усно вирази подані нижче.

пʼятницю, 22 червня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25 ок

Прочитайте текст та перекладіть його.
  One area of difference between traditional letters and emails is in greetings. Ln a letter, it is normal to start like `Dear Mr Black`, in an email , it is also acceptable to begin in this was - but it is also very common to write only the person`s name.
  The same applies to the ending of email. Ln more formal email messages you should better use the same kind of ending like in a letter. However, in informal messages it is more common to use an informal ending.Here is a summary of some of ways people begin and end their messages. 

пʼятницю, 11 травня 2018 р.

завдання для групи 5опр

   Прочитайте текст і поставте 5 запитань до нього

    After its 200th birthday the United States of America still holds the leading position in western world. A country that has inspired many names -"Land of Opportunity ","Meeting Pot", " God' s Gountry" is still referred toa as land of superlatives - "the richest", "the greatest"," the most".
    Ih size the United States is not the biggest. What makes the USA the leader of the western world is its economic, political and military domimance  over other countries.
    The United States is a parliamentary republi. The Government is divided into 3 branches: legislative ( the US Cogress),executive( the President and his Administration) and judicial( the US Supreme Court). 
    The Supreme Court consists of Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices who are appointed for life. The Supreme Court is supposed to decide whether a law of the Congreess or an executive order of the President is "Constitutional or not".

завдання для групи 5опр

 Прочитайте та перекладіть текст

    The Queen is officially head of all the branches of government,but she has little direct power in the country. The constitution has three branches:Parliament,which makes lows,the government,which "executes"laws(puts them into effect)and the courts,which interpret laws.Parliament has two parts:the House of Commons and the House of lorbs. Members of the House of Commons are elected by the voters of 650 constituencies.They are known as Members of Parliament.
     The Prime Minister is advised by a Cabinet of about twenty other ministers. The Prime Minister,or leader of the Government,is usually the leader of the political party. The Cabinet includes the ministers in charge of major government departments or ministries.Departments and ministries are run by civil servants,who are permanent officials.Even if the Government changes after an election,the same civil servants are employed.Members of the House of lords are not elected.About 70 per cent of them are "hereditary peers"because their fathers were peers before them. The 30 per per cent are officially appointed by the Queeb, on the advice of the Government,for various services for people.

четвер, 10 травня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25ок
Read and translate the text
"Eating problems"
  Many children have problems with eating at some time in their lives. These problems can range from not linking certain food.
  Scientists think eating problems can start in a lot of ways. Some scientists think that you are born with them. Others believe your eating problems are learned from people around you, and from wanting to be like very thin fashion models.
  Eating problems can also start because of other problems, such as unhappines at home or school, someone you know dying, or a mixture of these and other things.
  It is  a medical condition and its proper name is anorexia nervosa. People with anorexia nervosa avoid eating and loose a lot of weight. They often feel fat, even when they are very thin. They may use other ways of staying thin, such as taking laxative tablets. They can become  very weak ,and without special help some people with anorexia die.
   It is  a medical condition and its proper name is anorexia nervosa. People with bulimia nervosa eat lots of food (called dinge eating ) and then make themselves  sick to get rid of what they've eaten.
   About one in  a hundred of teenager girls suffer from eating prodlems. But some of them have them in a very small way. But the older you get,the more people tend to get eating prodlems. One in fifty young women and one in five hundred young men suffer from anorexia and bulimia.
   Many young people deny they have an eating problem or try to keep it a secret. But the sooner someone accepts that they do have a problem, the easier is for them to get help. 

понеділок, 2 квітня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 25ОК

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense to make the 2nd Conditional sentences.

1. He  _______ (open) the door if he _______ (have) the key.
2. If we ______ (have) a car, we _______ (go) for a drive.
3. If I ______ (be) rich, I ____________ (never/work) again.
4. If cameras _______ (not/coat) so much, we _________ (buy) one.
5. John ________ (post) the letters if he __________ (have) some stamps.

Завдання для групи 25 ОК
Тема:Національна кухня.  
                             З 'єднайте слова з їх поясненням

1.cuisine        a. to give someone food by putting it in front of them,especially                                at a restaurant or a formal meal

2.specialty     b. a particular style of preparing food, which is typical of a co-
                           untry or area.

3.delicacy      c. an amount of food that someone takes or is given at one time.

4.serve           d. the amount of food that is cooked or prepared for each person -
                           used especially in recipes or on food packaging
5.portion        e. a rare and expensive kind of food which people think is very                                   good to eat, especially the people of a particular country or 

6.serving        f. an amount of food that is enough for aech person, especially
                          one served in a restaurant, bar, etc.

7.helping        g. a type of food that is always very good in a particular restaurant,
                           country or area
Переглянути відео "Вживання структури " to be going to + Infinitivе" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc5CV5VzMqk та складіть 5  власних речень.

вівторок, 27 березня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ОК

Прочитайте та перекладіть текст.
Sport in our life
People all over the world are fond of sports and games.  Sport makes peoplehealthykeeps them fitmore organized and better disciplined.  It unitespeople of different classes and nationalities.  Many people do sports on theirpersonal initiative.  They go in for skiingskatingtable tennisswimming,volley-ballfootballbody-buildingetc.  
All necessary facilities are provided for themstadiumssport grounds,swimming poolsskating rinksskiing stationsfootball fields.  Sport is paidmuch attention to in our educational establishments  Gymnastics is a part ofchildren's daily activities in the kindergartens.  Physical culture is compulsorysubject at schools and colleges.  Professional sport is also paid much attentionto in our country.  In citywhere I livethere are diferent sporting societies,clubs and complexes.  

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our countrybut football,gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity.  As for meI go in fortable tennis (ping-pong).  It needs mobilityliveliness and much energy.  Itkeeps a person in a good form.  I have been playing tennis for five yearsbutthe more I playthe more I like it.  I get a real joy taking part in competitions orsimply playing with my friends.  SometimesI go to tennis courts.  Certainly,there's a great distance between my manner of playing and such favouritesas Jim CourierStephan EdbergPete SamprasBoris BeckerPer Kordabut Ido my trai¬ning with great pleasure and hope to play as well as our bestplayers do.  

четвер, 22 березня 2018 р.

завданн я для групи 5опр

 Тема Молодь України.
Перекладіть словосполучення на англійську мову.
мати труднощі
сучасне суспільство
заробляти гроші
неіснуюче правило
уперта дитина
агресивна молодь
невихована людина
виснажений чоловік
уряд України
самовпевнений учень
нетерпляча дитина
бути залежним 

середу, 21 березня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 36е

Тема Молодїжний рух у світі Запишіть слова у зошити та перекладіть.
 an anxiety, an envy, a handicap, an intelligence, an illiteracy,a range, a response, to stunt, contented, vulnerable, to carry away, to gain control, an abuse, bullying, a disease, a disorder, a suicide, to embarrass, to expose, to frustrate, to neglect, outrageous, sexua

пʼятницю, 16 березня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 24ОК

Sports in Great Britain

The English are great lovers of sport; and they are neither playingnor waching games, they like to talk about them. However, there isimportant thing about sport in Britain which we must know. Today, the big-timesport is professional and famous players can make much money.
   Lat's take football for example. It is the most popular team game inBritain. It is played in most of the schools, and there are thousands ofamateur teams for young men in all parts of the country. But for most ofthe public football is a professional game which is watched on Saturday afternoons at the stadium.
   Professional football is a big business. Every large town has one or more professional clubs. Many players have not any personal connection with the town for whose team they play.
  Rugby football is played with an oval ball which may be carried. The players of the other team try to stop the man running with the ball bythrowing him to the ground. There are fifteen players in each team.
   Some people say that`s not a game, it`s a battle because when you pick up the ball and run with it, the other side tries to make you fall.
    People in many countries consider cricket the most English of games. But even in England it is not nearly as popular as football. In fact it has become less popular then before.
    Football and cricket are the games most usually played in boys` schools. Girls also play cricket, though with them hockey and net-ball (which is like basketball) are more popular.
   Tennis is the game which both men and women like to play after leaving school. The game of tennis is played by great numbers of people.

середу, 14 березня 2018 р.

Завдання для групи 5 ОПР

Тема:"Погляд на молодь"

Дайте відповідь на запитання в зошитах:

1. Are you a teenager?
2. Do young people have problems?
3. What are they?
4. What problems do you have?
5. Do you want to enter the institute?
6. What profession do want to have?
7. Do you have any hardship in your education?
8. Are there drug addicts in our country?
9. Is this a great problem of young people?
10. Does the government of Ukraine pay much attention to the problems of young people?

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Extreme Sports
Some young people prefer extreme sports today.For example, parkour, base jumping,bodyboarding,kite-surfing, freestyle, motorsport, rock-climbing.Base jumping is very extreme activity. A person can jump from fixed objects. The acronym B.A.S.E. stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth-4 categories of objects from which Base jumpers can jump. BASe jumping is more dangerous than skydiving from a plane.
 Parkour includes running, jumping, climbing. Parkour is not a sport, as there are no rules, no teams, no points.To parkour is to be able to control your body.

base jumping

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Тема. Моє місце у світі.Я-особистість.
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