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Завдання для групи 25ок

Тема The World of Painting
          Read the text and be ready to retell it:
  Kateryna Bilokur- tragedy and success

A century has passed since the birth of a great Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur.She was born in a peasant family in 1900 in the village near Yahotyn.She didn`t have any education and had to study by herself.She mastered literacy, read a lot.
    The great word `artist` seemed to her so magic and beautiful.She said to herself that sooner or later she would become an artist. Kateryna kept repeating that life without art wasn`t possible for her.
     She had been gifted in painting since her childhood. Kateryna began painting portraits of her relatives and villagers. But most of all she liked flowers. She called flowers `` the eyes of the Earth, the soul of the Earth``. The people were charmed by her pictures `Peonies`, `Flowers and Walnuts`, `Still life with bread`,`Breakfast`.
    But a well-known painter Kateryna Bilokur had lived all her life in poverty.She didn`t have any family or children. Great fame came to her later, after her death. Her works are exhibited in museums in Ukraine and abroad.

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