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Завдання для групи 7опр
Тема Choose the Career

Запишіть дані слова та вивчіть іх усно:

an occupation-заняття, фах
to fill in-заповнювати
an official-службовець
an official form-офіційний бланк
a skilled worker-кваліфікований робітник
a semi-skilled worker-напівкваліфікований робітник
an unskilled worker-некваліфікований робітник
mental skills-розумові (інтелектуальні) вміння 

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Завдання для групи 74т та 75т         

Тема Family Relationship

Learn new words by heart:
an adolescent
to assault
to blame
to escape
to interfere
to obey
to prevent
to reject
to remain
to resent
to be grounded
to be jailed
to run out of
in order to

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Завдання для групи 24ок

Тема Make up your Mind

Answer the following questions in your copy-books:

1. What is a gap year?
2. Why do some students in the UK take a gap year?
3. What do employers like when they take young people for the job?
4. Do students do voluntary work in their gap year?
5. Do students use their gap year to pay for their university education?
6. Can students have negative gap year experiences?
7.Can Ukrainian students take a gap year?
8. What does Ukrainian legislation give for vocational training?
9. What can you say about the crisis in economy of Ukraine?
10. Can you start your own business in Ukraine? What do you need for this?

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Завдання для групи 7опр

Підготуйте переказ даного тексту

Ukrainian mentality was formed influenced by many factors They are geographical location at the crossroads of the West and East, specific climatic conditions and tragic historical destiny.
The Ukrainians have been known as hardworking, thrifty, skilled farmers, good family men and devoted wives. They are typically kind-hearted, friendly, hospitable and well wishing to both fellow countrymen and foreigners. They are cautious to romanticism and sentimentality. But come the time of  ordeal,and they are determined, resourceful,brave, staunch, ready for self-sacrifice.
The Ukrainians have always valued restraint, consideration and a realistic view of life.They have a very special sense of humor. They can be bitingly-ironical.Their rich imagination reflects the surrounding realities in a colourful, at times paradoxical way.

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Завдання для групи 5опр  Тема Conditionals 1,2

Complete the sentences by changing the verb in brackets into the First or Second form:

1. If you loved her, you ...... (support) her.
2. If  I ..... (speak) English, I would move to England.
3. Show me your notebook, if you ...... (finish) your work.
4. If Andy gets a scholarship, he ..... (help) his parents.
5. We ..... (get) there quicker if we take the motorway.
6.If we met at six o`clock, we ..... (have) time to buy tickets.

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Завдання для групи 7опр
Тема Tenses of the Verb

What tenses are used in the following sentences?
1. My mood change very often suddenly for no reason.
2. He used to be a teacher, but now he works for Greenpeace.
3. They have lost touch, but one of them is trying to find his friend.
4. We had a lot in common in childhood.
5. I feel that I am more talkative with peers than with adults.
6. We have been getting in touch for three years.

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   Завдання для групи 24ок                                                                                     
Тема Perfect Continuous Tenses

Fill in the gaps with the correct Perfect Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets:
1. Before the boy came home, he ________ at the library for some hours. (to work)
2. I ________  for them for two hours. (to wait)
3. In half an hour, I_________ a car for five hours.Let`s stop for a break. (to drive)
4. She _________ TV for the whole day. It`s boring.(to watch)
5. They were tired. They ________for three hours. (to work)
6. In two days, they _______ English for four months. (to practise)