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Для учнів 33 Е для самостійного опрацювання на 20.12.2014

Sports in Ukraine
Sport is very popular in Ukraine. The main sports are: football, volleyball and basket-ball. They are played at schools and Universities.
Playing tennis, swimming are popular in our country too.
Every school has its own gymnasium and sport grounds. Some of them have stadiums and swimming pools.
There are different sports clubs in our schools. We go in for different kinds of sports after classes.
The best Ukrainian sportsmen are our national heroes. Ukrainian sportsmen take part in international sports competitions. Ukrainian athletes took part in the last Olympic Games in Sydney as a separated team. They won a lot of gold and silver medals there.
Among the best sportsmen at the Olympic Games was Yana Klochkova. She won two gold and three silver medals in Australia.
Ukrainian football players like Andrey Shevchenko are well-known in Europe and in the whole world.
The two brothers Klychko are the best boxers in the world.
We try to keep fit. We exercise and go jogging every day.

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