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Colchester English Language School

Colchester is a small university town 80 km to the north-east of London, approximately 45 minutes by train. It is a very beautiful town and students are very happy here because there are so many facilities and good entertainment. It is very famous for being the old­est town in England.
There is the only English Language School in Colchester and it was founded thirty years ago by Oxford University Press. There are twenty classrooms, a video player in every room, a video library, a multimedia center with free e-mail facilities, a library and a listening center, the Internet access, a restaurant and a beautiful garden here. They also arrange cour­ses for children and young people in home stay and in residential accommodation.
Courses are organized at seven levels. The maximum group size is 13 (average is 10). Each level lasts 8 weeks but you can stay for only two weeks if you want.
In summer many students stay for two or three weeks. You can start on any Monday as the course is organized in weekly units. All lessons last 50 minutes. You can choose options in Business English or International Affairs. They also organize examination courses and a course that is called English for Academic Study for students who want to learn English for studies. Some students also choose to have extra private lessons.

There is a free daily social programmé: clubs, tea-parties, etc. Young people can have fun at a free party every Thursday evening.
0.           Colchester is the oldest university town in England.
1.           Colchester English Language School was founded 30 years ago by Oxford University Press.
2.           Children and young people can learn English in homestay and in residential accommodation.
3.           Each of eight course levels lasts 8 weeks.
4.           You can start on any Monday and stay at courses for eight weeks.
5.           Every Tuesday evening young people enjoy a free party at English Language School in Colchester.








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