вівторок, 21 жовтня 2014 р.

Для учнів 3 ОПР та 22 ОК на 28.10.2014

1. Прочитати текст.
2. Поставити 6 запитань до тексту. (в коментарях)

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  1. When you finish school what begins?
    Where young people can learn about the profession?
    What is the best way to predict your future?
    What should be taken into consideration when choosing a career?
    Which profession is increasing demand nowadays?
    What it is considered the most universal and pervasive?

  2. When you leave a school?
    Where people can learn about the professions?
    What people his future profession?
    Way to predict your future?
    What occupations are the most common?

  3. 1)What young people can do after finishing school studing?
    2)What do magazines and advertisment often offer young people?
    3)What should we take into consideration while choosing a career?
    4)What helps young people to choose and make a dicision?
    5)Why is the profession of teasher important?
    6)What must people do for better living?

  4. 1. What the important thing in everybody life?
    2. What offer magazines for teenagers?
    3. Should you be responsible for your profession?
    4. What does the profession of a teacher?
    5. How many languages on Earth?
    6. Should work be fun?

  5. Where young people can learn about the profession?
    What should be the profession?
    Why profession of teacher is important?
    How many languages on the Earth?
    What we begin to think after school?
    What teacher prepare us?