четвер, 23 жовтня 2014 р.

Для учнів 31 КП на 28.10.2014

1. Прочитайте текст.
2. Напишіть 3 запитання до нього англійською мовою (в коментарях)

My name’s Harry and my three best friends are Cara, Tim and Rani. We all go to the same school and we’re the same age. Cara is amazing. She loves adventure sports and travelling. She enjoys meet­ing people and trying new activities. She’s very practical, too — she repaired my skateboard for me last week!
Now, Tim is opposite. He likes to be by himself and he isn’t tall too much. He’s a good musician and he surfs in the Net a lot. I don’t see him after school much but he’s a good friend. He’s very thoughtful and he’s always helping his little sister.
Rani is also different. She’s really easy-going. I’ve never seen her get angry. She’s really into dance, so she’s energetic and quite extro­vert. She’ always enjoys travelling and meeting people. She works hard at school, too. I think she’s probably the best student of our school.
I really enjoy seeing them every day.

4 коментарі:

  1. Бабанина Альбина 31кп.1)Who is Tim, Renee and Sarah for me?2)What hobbies do my friends?3)They love their hobby?

  2. Ліньова Ірина, 31 КП. Is favourite employment what for Sara, what does it carry with? What does like Tim? What is name of friends' of Harry ?

  3. Ерьоменко Катерина 31КП . As best friends name is Harry? Or Harry loves his friends? Interests that Cara ?