понеділок, 27 листопада 2017 р.

25 OК на 05.12.17

1.  A:Look at Steve! He is soaking wet
     B:I know. He...(wash) the car.
2.  A:Why...(you/make) so much food?
     B:Well, I ...(expect) guests,but they phoned to say they could`t come.
3.  A:Julia performed well at the concert.
     B:Yes. She...(practise) for months beforehand.
4.  A:...(you/ever/go) to Spain?
     B:Yes. I ... (go) last year.
5.  A:I like your new coat.
     B:Thank you. I...(wear) my old coat for years, so I decided to buy a new one.
6.  A:Do you know this town well?
     B:Of course. I...(live) here for six years.

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