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                                                          Shopping on the Internet
Shopping on the Internet, or shopping on-line is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are using the Internet to buy things. Why do people use the Internet shop?
Some people say it is more convenient. They don`t have to leave their homes to order something, and they can shop for anything they want at any time, day or night. Other people say they can  find things for sale that they can`t find in the stores near their homes. Still other people say they can find better prices on the Internet.
If you want to buy something on the Internet , you need a credit card. You have to type your credit card number and some other information on the website and send it to the store over the Internet. You have to be sure that the store will not use your information in the wrong way. You don`t want someone to get your credit card number and charge something  to your account. Of course, you always have to be careful with your credit card number, because people sometimes steal credit card numbers from stores and restaurants too.
For people who are too nervous to shop on-line, the Internet is a good place to go window-shopping. Window-shopping is when you go to a store and look at the things for sale, but don`t plan to buy anything. Window-shopping is easy on the Internet. You can see what kinds of products are available and how much they cost. You can visit stores with branches near you, or you can visit stores that are only on the Internet.

Some stores have a website for information about their stores, but not for shopping. Some stores have a website for information about their stores, and you can shop on-line there too. Some stores are only for on-line shopping.

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