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Road Safety

Britain is a small island, but a great many people live there and here is a traffic problem. The word “traffic" means everything and everybody using the roads. When we walk along the pavement or cross a road, we are part of that traffic. We are then called “pedestrians"
There are far too many accidents in Britain. Over 300000 people are hurt every year, and more than 5000 of them die. Whose fault is this? It
is the fault of everyone who uses the road. That means the pedestrians
too. Careless pedestrians often cause accidents. Accidents often happen when people cross a road. Here is some advice. Read it carefully.

Crossing the Road
Always use a footbridge or subway when there is one. You cannot
be hit by a car when you are going over or under a road.
Always use a crossing when there is one. When you are on a crossing, cars must stop. But they cannot stop at once. You must give them time to stop. Remember that cars take longer to stop when it is wet.
Remember these rules for crossing the road:
1)            First find a safe place to cross and then stop.
2)            Stand on the pavement near the edge.
3)            Look all round for traffic, and listen.
4)            When traffic is coming, let it pass. Look all round again.
5)            When there is no traffic near, walk straight across the road.
6)            Look and listen for traffic when you are crossing.

Crossing with Lights
You must always obey the lights. If the light is red, do not cross. When the light is red and the road is clear, do not cross. Cross only when the light is green and the road is clear.
Always use the pavement or footpath when there is one. When there is no pavement, walk on the left side of the road. Keep close to the side. Do not run in the road. Do not play in the road.

When a policeman gives you a signal, you must obey it. If you do -
not, two  things may happen. You may be hurt or you may be punished, When people do not obey a policeman, they are breaking the law.
People who break the law can be punished.

Hotels in Britain are graded with stars from one-star to five-star (five-star hotels are’ the best and most, expensive). You can also stay in a Bed and Breakfast (also called Guest Houses) where you pay for a bedroom, possibly an ensuite and breakfast.
I We stayed in the Carlton Hotel for three nights in July, but I booked our room three months in advance because it was the middle of the tourist season. When we arrived we checked in at reception, then the porter carried our suitcases up to our room. I gave him a small tip about 50 p, I think. The staff were very friendly — we had a very nice chambermaid and the room was very comfortable. The only problem we had, in fact, was with the shower which didn’t work very well. There was something wrong with it.

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