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Compare the family life of British and Ukrainian people


Most young people eventually get married, buy or rent a house or a flat of their own and start a family. However, a great number of changes are taking place in this way of behavior.
As in many other Western European countries, more and more men and women are living together without being married. In the mid 1980s more than a quarter of new brides had lived with their husbands before marriage, compared with 8 per cent in 1970. People are also getting married later than they used to.
However marriage is still popular even among those whose first marriage has failed. In fact, in 36 per cent of all marriages one or both partners have already been married and divorced.
Britain now has the highest divorce rate in Europe and about 10 per cent of children live with only one parent.
Another trend is towards smaller households. Very few children now grow up in large families and more and more adults are living alone (25 per cent in 1987). Many of the people who live alone are elderly; it is unusual to find three generations living in one house to do in the past. It is quite common for close relatives to live in different parts j and many people hardly ever meet their uncles, aunts and cousins. One reason for this is that British people move house every five years on average. They do this in оrder to change jobs or to buy a bigger or better house.

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