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Для учнів 2 ОПР


Andy. My mum’s a bit irritating. I mean, I’m nearly sixteen and she won’t let me an earring. We argue about homework and she makes me go to extra classes after school. When she goes out, I can’t use the computer because she won't tell me the passport.
Jessica. I live my mum but we a lot these days. She say I’m always late but I’m not. And she says it’s my fault our phone bills are so big! She gets angry when I fail school exams. She say I don’t make an effort some subjects but I do my best — most of the time!
Edward. My dad can be so embarrassing. When my friends come round, he tries to be ‘funny’. We don’t argue much but he makes a fuss about my room. I know where to find everything but he says it’s untidy. He makes me tidy at weekends.
Susan. I m very proud of him. He’s very creative and he does well at school but he’s a bit lazy about doing his homework — he prefers playing computer games! He can be stubborn, too and hates it when people tell him what to do. He wants an earring but I think I’ll make him wait until he’s eighteen.
Karen. She makes friends easily. She's very outgoing, like me and loves to chat with her friends — she spends hours on the phone! I let her out at weekends but she sometimes forgets to ring me up when she’s late. She’s a bit moody, too, especially in the morning. I was exactly the same at her age.
George. We like a lot of the same music and films. I think there’s less of a generation gap these days. Of course, he’ annoying sometimes, that’s only natural! His room is a disaster zone. He won’t make his bed and he makes a moss in the living room, too. He never offers to do the washing up — I have to make him do it!

Виконайте завдання

- Which person from the article could say these things?
a)      If you don’t get off that phone, you’ll have to pay the bill yourself?
b)      It's not fair! All my friends have got earrings.
c)      I won’t let you go out unless you make up your bed.
d)     They don’t think you’re funny, you know.
e)      I know I failed but I worked hard. Honestly! It was just a difficult exam.
f)      Turn the computer off! It’s time to do your homework.

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