середу, 5 листопада 2014 р.

Для учнів 3 ОПР, 22 ОК

Прочитай діалог та вивчіть слова (усно).

Future Profession

T.: Today we shall talk about professions. What profession have you chose, George?
G: I want to be an architect. I shall build cathedrals, schools and modern houses. I hope they will be beautiful, warm and comfortable.
T.: And what about you, Ray?
R: As for me I am going to work in the field of atomic energy at a nuclear station.
T.: It’s an important task, Ray. And what about you, Jess?
J.: I want to be an engineer. I’ll design new machines and mechanisms for the industry.
T.: I don’t doubt you will, Jess.
T.: What have you decided on, Bob?
B.: My father works at a steel mill, and I myself have also decided to follow his profession. Steel and cast iron are need­ed very much. It’s one of the key branches of national econo­my in our region.
T.: You are quite right, Bob. O. K! Now we’ll see what Sonya is going to be?
S: I think that doctor is a very important profession and all people need doctors. It is the most responsible and impor­tant work. It is dedicated to care for people’s health, to look after the sick, to help them to get better and to be strong again. That’s why I want to be a doctor.
T.: What’s your dream, Vladimir?
V.: I dream of the rarest but the most interesting and difficult professions. I dream to become a pilot-cosmonaut. This profession requires not only special physical, but special moral education as well.
T.: We all wish you the best of success, Vladimir.
F.: And I am thinking of those thanks to whom we can now dream of getting a profession. I want to become a teacher.
T.: I wish all your dreams might come true. But there is one thing I am sure of. You'll become great and famous spe­cialists. It’s only the question of time. Take your time chil­dren.

to care for – заботиться
to look after – ухаживать (присматривать за больным)
to get better (got, got) — выздороветь
to dream (dreamt, dreamt) — мечтать
the best of success — успехи, удача
I wish all your dreams might come true — желаю, чтобы все ваши мечты сбылись
people of all professions — люди всех профессий,
to be going to — собираться industry — промышленность
to make a correct choice (made, made) — сделать правильный выбор
throughout the world — во всем мире
Steel and cast iron are needed very much — сталь и чугун очень нужны

to be sure of — быть уверенным в чем-л.

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