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Read the text below, ignoring the missing statements first. Match the gaps (1—7) with the statements (A—I). There are two sentences you do not need to use.

A   to sixty food orders
B   to do physical exercises
C   about the freedom of choice
D   has encouraged schools
E   their children’s education
F   concentrate better
G   want to buy healthy food
H  try to resolve the problem
I   from going out to local takeaways

In Britain school children usually have lunch at school, and recently the Government 1) ________to offer healthier food. At the start of the autumn term, Jack Smiths, the head teacher at Rawmarsh Comprehensive School in Yorkshire, introduced healthier school meals that he says help the children 2)___________. He also reduced the lunch break from one hour to thirty minutes, and banned children 3)_________________ during the break.
But two mothers, Mrs Black and Mrs Brown, believe that the new rules don’t give pupils enough choice or enough time to enjoy their lunch. So two weeks ago, they started passing burgers, fish and chips and fizzy drinks over the school fence. Soon, they were delivering lip 4)_________!
Mr Smiths has described the two mothers as unwise, and said they were undermining the school and 5)__________      . He claims there have been improvements in behaviour and learning in the afternoons since the new healthy eating regime was introduced.

After a meeting with Mr Smiths, the two mothers have agreed to stop their deliveries while they 6)___________.  Speaking before their meeting, Mrs Black argued that the children have the right to choose their food. “We are not against healthy eating — it’s 7)________ ”.

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