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Read the text below, ignoring the missing statements first. Match the gaps (I—7) with the statements (A—I). There are two sentences you do not need to use.

A gain the qualification
B before doing exercises
C with a well-earned degree
D using mail and the Internet
E through primary and secondary education
F shaping our future lives
G to further education
H making students learn
I before opting to study

Education is a long process that not only provides us with basic skills, such as literacy and numeracy, but is also essential in 1)_______. From      the moment          we enter kindergarten as small children, and as we progress 2)________, we are laying the foundations for the life ahead of us. We must discipline ourselves to work hard so that we can pass exams and 3)________ we will need to secure a good job. We must also acquire valuable life skills so that we can fit in and with those around us.

After finishing school many progress 4) where they will learn more useful skills, such as computer literacy or basic business management. Others will enroll oh programme of higher education after three or four years 5)_________. After that they may work for a while 6)________ for a higher degree — an MA, for example, or a PhD. Alternatively, they may choose to attend an evening class after work. And if they live a long way from a college or university, they might follow correspondence course 7)____________.

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