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Read the text below, ignoring the missing statements. Match the gaps (1—9) with the statements (A—K). There are two sentences you do not need to use.

A listening to their problems
B were becoming divided over the issue
C became too much to bear
D was supported by citizens
E broke into tears
F brought the country
G would bring problems almost
H which many were killed
I made a new law
J grew up in rural
K despite the lack of experience

Abraham Lincoln 1)_________ Indiana. He was a frontiersman and had all the frontiersman skills. But Lincoln also had ambitions. He educated himself, studied law and became a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois. At the age of 25, he was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives.
His political career began at a time when Americans 2) of slavery. In 1860 he became the Republican candidate for president. 3)__________, Lincoln was a very capable political and military leader. He 4) ________ through four years of civil war.
Lincoln never lost touch with the people. He visited soldiers in hospitals and on battlefields. He often opened the White House to ordinary citizens, meeting with them and 5) ________.
The war greatly affected Lincoln. Friends noticed how much he had aged. Once, after a battle in 6)______, Lincoln was telling one of his jokes. When a congressman interrupted him, pointing out that jokes were not appropriate at such a time, Lincoln 7)  _________.         His body was shaking, he explained that if he didn’t tell jokes his sorrow 8)         __________.

As the war neared its end, Lincoln showed his compassion for those on the other side — those who had been and would again be part of the nation. Peace 9)________ as difficult as war. The Southern states had to be readmitted and former slaves had to be incorporated into the society.

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