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Read the text below, ignoring the missing sentences. Match the gaps (1—5) with the sentences (A—G).
There are two sentences you do not need to use.

A When ships brought sugar to England from the West Indies, they arrived at Liverpool.
B Britain had lost most of its colonies and trade was declining.
C And there is a second team in the football Premier League: Everton.
D However, more and more people fought to put a stop to the slave trade.
E Ships from Liverpool took steel, coal and other goods to these colonies.
F There are more art galleries and museums in Liverpool than in any other UK city except London.
G Some of these were immigrants from Ireland who came in search of a better life.

Liverpool attracts many thousands of tourists every year, and city certainly has a lot to offer. It’s a great place for culture-lovers. 1)__________ And, of course, football has always played an important part in the life of the city: Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerald are both famous Liverpudlians. Visit the old port where these days you can enjoy the modern, fashionable shops and restaurants. But if you stop to look at the old buildings, you may realize that this part of the city has a rich and interesting history.
During the 18th century, Liverpool’s port was part of an important trade route.
2) ____________This trade made the city rich and successful — but there is a dark side to its success. The same ships also took slaves from Africa to the West Indies, where they worked on the sugar plantations. About 10 million slaves were taken from their homes, until the slave trade became illegal in 1809.
The end of the slave trade didn’t mean the end of Liverpool’s importance as a port. At that time, Britain had colonies all over the world. 3) ________     The population of Liverpool grew; by 1880, it had reached 600,000. 4)__________ But in fact, they found an overcrowded city with thousands of homeless children in the streets
and frequent outbreaks of disease.

By the 20th century, Liverpool’s port was becoming less important. 5)________ But the city now had a life of its own and soon became famous for other things, especially football, fashion and music. The most famous pop group ever, The Beaties, were from Liverpool. And now, at the start of the 21st century, the city still takes pride in all of its achievements, making Liverpool one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK.

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