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Read the text below, ignoring the missing statements. Match the gaps (1—10) with the statements (A—L). There are two sentences you do not need to use.

A through the peaceful environment
B their many business tasks
C of carefully arranged rocks
D to make people relax
E their minds felt refreshed
F just for this purpose
G to make a beautiful environment
H like eating Chinese food
I built outside of China
J used to make Vancouver’s garden
K like the Chinese merchants
L worked together to create

It is often hard to relax in the middle of a noisy city. Sometimes we need to find a quiet place where we can think clearly in a calm environment. Many years ago, Chinese merchants created special gardens 1)_______. In 1986, the people of Vancouver were given the opportunity to enjoy the first classical Chinese garden 2)_______. Today, many people enjoy relaxing in  the peaceful atmosphere of Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden.
During the Ming Dynasty in China, from 1369 to 1644, many wealthy merchants built Chinese classical gardens. The creators of the gardens used elements of nature 3)______. While          walking      through      the     gardens 4)_________, ponds and plants, the merchants relaxed and cleared their minds of stressful thoughts. For a short time they were ready to leave their gardens and return to work, 5)_______.This helped them to concentrate on 6)________.
In 1985, the government of Canada and China 7)_______a Chinese classical garden in Vancouver. Fifty-two expert artisans from China spent one year creating the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, which is modeled after the Ming Dynasty gardens in China. Most of the materials 8) were brought from China, including woodwork, large stones and small pebbles. After much work the Sun Yat Sen Garden opened to public on April 24,1986.
Today many people in Vancouver like to stroll 9) ________of the garden. They can leave the noisy streets

of downtown and, 10)_______,      can    relax and forget about their worries for a short time. This style of garden, created so long ago, is now one of Vancouver’s most beautiful and relaxing places.

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